Friday, February 3, 2012


Hello everyone and sorry about this absence but I need to work to sustain myself. Today I want to talk with you about another artist who delights us with her music and look. Her name is Antonia.
Even though when I heard that another singer appeared in Romania, I didn’t really given her chance to survive in the Romanian music industry, but now I started to believe that soon she will be famous in the international music industry.
Born in Romania, Antonia lived and studied the music school in U.S., where she was a model too.
After she returned in Romania she met Tom Boxer and they launched together their first song called “Roses on Fire”. This song had international success being broadcasted on radio stations in Netherlands, Poland etc.
In February 2010 she was the most listened singer on the Romanian radio stations, with the song “Morena” released in cooperation with Tom Boxer.
After that she launched tow songs that became hits on radio in Europe and beyond: "Shake it Mamma" and "Hit'em up girl".
In August 2010 Antonia gave birth to a daughter, and for a period she interrupted her musical activity. She returned on scene in 2011 in enviable physical condition and with a new hit "Marionette" written by Dutch producer and DJ Afrojack.
He released a song in the fall of 2011 with Vunk (a band from Romania) “ Pleaca” ("Go away"), this time the song is performed in Romanian language.
Now i will let you ENJOY and --> I SALUTE U !!! 

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