Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alexandra Stan

Since I had some more visitors on the blog I thought I should come with an  interesting subject maybe I succeed to arouse your  interest in my articles and especially the music I listen, and I hope you will enjoy it to.

Now I want to present or rather to bring to your attention even more (because you already know her) Alexandra Stan, a singer from Romania who managed to be known outside our country. I listen to her music and I really like her (Damn She Is HOT !!!) songs and I bet that you have heard of MR SAXOBEAT, one of the songs that put her in the UK Tops.

Because I do not know how many radio stations told her story I will try to present it better: Born on June 10, 1989, in Constanta, Romania, Alexandra studied management although her dream was to be an artist. It seems that she chose music ultimately, and we are happy she made it. She participated in several contests in Romania and won several awards, the last contest she attended was Mamaia Festival in 2009 where she had a pleasant appearance.

After this contest the team formed by Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi (Maan Studio) have paved her way to musical success teaching her a new way to express herself. The first song which made her known internationally was "Lollipop" song released in 2009, then "Mr. Saxobeat" which was like an explosion in Alexandra's career in 2010. After she won international fame, being an ambitious girl Alexandra did not disappear from the music industry like other singers (Cheeky Girls-LooL) and launched a new single "Get back ASAP”, which almost equaled previous successful single. In Romania she has launched several promotional songs, and in late 2011 released a new single which I strongly believe that will soon become a big hit. The song is called "Million" and is made in collaboration with "Calprit". This is all for today so ---> I SALUTE U !!!   



  1. imi place de ea, cred ca a evoluat destul de mult de la primul videoclip si pana acum

  2. intr-adevar se vede cu ochiul liber :) :D diferenta dintre primul videoclip si urmatoarele :)....imi place ca insfarsit au inceput sa fie cunoscuti peste hotarele tarii mai multi artisti de la noi, bine eu sper sa vedem si alte nume in curand pe radiourile din strainatate...
    asteptam articole noi si eu una sunt curioasa cine urmeaza pe lista ta :)

  3. and for those who didn't understand what we said,that is a big difference between the first video and the next ones...and that we are happy that more and more romanian artists are now faimous in other countries than Romania, and we hope that in the future to apear even more, and to be even more faimous than the other ones....

  4. da, da cine urmeaza? Inna? :D :)