Monday, January 16, 2012

Old Music :)

Hi! Just came from work and on my way back home i was listening a radio that plays old music. Than i thought it will be a good ideea for a new post, about old music. I was thinking to add some ols songs and i was wondering if you guys can help me do make a playlist with this kind of music. I am whaiting for your sugestions. Do not hesitate to wrote back your favourite old songs! 
Until next post --> I SALUTE U!!!


  1. Queen, Abba, Scorpions, Vengaboys, La Bouche, Mc Hammer, Culture Beat, Enigma, Ace of Base, No Mercy, Rednex, Roxette, REM, Nirvana and many moreeee :D

  2. mi am m ai amintit : Alanis Morissette, Dr.Dre, Metallica,The Fugees, Alice Cooper,Wu Tang Clan si poate imi mai amintesc :D