Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remember O-Zone?

Being bored of listening the same music all day, yesterday I started to search some music that I didn’t heard for long time on radio and I found a play list whit some old music. Among the songs I found some hits from O-Zone. And i was wondering what happened with them after they split.
            I don’t think there is someone who didn’t heard even once one of their songs. They had a really big success all over the world in 2004 with the song “Dragostea din tei” or “MA-YA-HI”.  The song was on the first position in over 30 countries charts, occupying  1 place in Euro charts for 13 weeks , with over 12 million records sold winning 3rd place in the top sales in the UK.The  hit was taken by over 200 artists in 14 different languages.
As things looked at that time we would expect to hear more from them and to launch several international hits, unfortunately the fame is a serious illness that they failed to control and in early 2005 were separated.

                              What happened after the separation?
      Dan Balan
After the success with O-Zone, Dan Balan moved to Los Angeles, starting a solo career.
In 2006 he released his first single "Mm-ma-ma" as the CRAZY-LOOP. In Europe the video was released in autumn 2007 and was voted song of the year by fans. The song reached number one on charts in Romania and Moldova; in 2008 appeared the video for Joanna (Shut Up).
In 2009 Dan Balan released the single "Chica-Bomb", registered in the U.S. In 2010 was broadcast on radio stations in France, Germany, Russia, England and of course Romania. In 2011 released new single "Freedom" for which he filmed a video in France.

Arsenie Toderas
After the separation of O-Zone, in January 2005, he began a solo career and released his first single "Love Me ... Love Me ..." in the summer of that year in Germany (where he entered the top 33 in place of MTV) and France. In 2006 he represented Moldova at Eurovision with the song "Loca". Also in 2006 released "The 33 rd element" in Romania and Moldova.
In 2007 Arsenie released the 3rd video "Professional Heartbreakers"; in 2008, "Wake up" and "Rumadai" which was released in Germany in September; in 2009 the video for "Minimum"; in 2010 video "Remember Me" and "Erase it" and in 2011 - "You Can Be Free" and "My Heart".

        Radu Sirbu
Radu started a solo career to and started to work to “DJ Layla” project. In 2006 he released his first solo album "Alone" and the video for “ Doi straini” ("2 strangers"). In 2008 he launched a new project called MR. & MS. and the first single in the international music industry was "Love is not a reason to cry."
           In 2010 released a song in collaboration with DJ. Dee-Dee and Layla - "Drive" and in 2011 the single "Emotion" (feat. Sianna).

So you might say that all ex- O-Zone continued their careers in music but I personally think that none of them achieved the success they had when they sang together.
 I hope you like the article and i am withing for your comments and opinions! 

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  1. yes they were very famous, but couldn't handle it, and after the separation i think that only Dan Balan has some OK songs, i really did not hear anything about the other 2...good article :D

  2. i just saw Happy Feet 2 and the pinguins sang the song“Dragostea din tei”/“MA-YA-HI” :D