Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is Part One !!! ENJOY

We Have to admit that no matter how much we would like a song, we get bored of it especially when the a radio stations broadcast it around the clock to get higher ratings. Understand to promote a song but to broadcast it twice in an hour is too much. And some radio stations seems that they have one play list and they put it on repeat all day; sometimes I feel like every day at the same time it's the same song. I do not understand why this happens as long as the music industry have been launched so many songs that are really nice, and there are some off them that you didn’t heard long time to the radio and not all the time you have access to internet, or maybe you just don’t remember the name of the song you want to listen.
There are so many songs that have been successful and that still would be if the radio stations would not just delete them because, they say, are old. Why are they old? Just because others have appeared? Maybe the new ones are not as good as “the old” ones.
That’s why I thought that in the future I should gather some “old songs” and make a play list that you can listen and remember good times.So i give you one day to leave a comment with a song that u like to hear, and if i get no comments i will me the play list my self.Time is ticking so -->I SALUTE U !!!  


  1. La Bouche - be my lover
    Aventura - obssession
    Abba - Knowing Me Knowing You, Dancing Queen
    Vanilla Ice - Ice ice baby
    Aqua-barbie girl :))
    dr alban - it's my life
    e-rotic - max don't have sex with your ex
    mr president - coco jambo
    captain jack - captain jack
    haddaway - what is love
    dj bobo - around the world
    fun factory - don't go away
    etc . :d pick yours

  2. si asa de pe la noi :D 4Fun - In bratele tale, ceva N&D, Genius, 3SudEst, AnimalX, Sing Sing BB, Mihaela Runceanu- sa fim copii

  3. doamne u fata u chiar nu ai vazut ca am precizat ca o melodie nu o lista:)))))

  4. eu ti am dat sa ai din ce alege :D